Foundation TURNTABLE

At the heart of home play proceedings is the vinyl collection. No other consumer format provides the same level of satisfaction. Resolution is the reason, beyond PCM 44.1kHz, 1585kHz or even 1024 DSD. It is analog. The animator of the music is the motor. The Foundation features the latest in motor technology with a very expensive and powerful DC motor. This utilises a fully analogue controller with open loop sensing and speed correction developed in house specifically for its powerful and natural presentation and solid frame for the music. 

 – Show us your motor – 

The material of the platter features the same sound transmission speed as a vinyl disk. This reduces impedience between platter and disc to the minimum possible. The result is like playing an 80mm thick disk of vinyl. The Plinth is 70% paper which is heat and pressure set into phenolic resin. The resonant characteristics are those of Ebony wood.  

Technical details

Wow and Flutter: 0.06%

Torque: 52.1 mNm

Drive via rubber captsan and belt for idler like traction and grip.

Price: 14,500€