Tau Amplifier

The Tau amplifier uses only direct heated triodes – the most linear and natural sounding of amplification devices. Nanocrystaline and nickel transformers with high inductance power supplies for all sections including tube heaters. The production of electron clouds inside the vacuums are therefore supported in the best way possible. The Tau is a ruthlessly developed amplifier which provides a transparent and profound window into performances. Forty kilos of amplifier yields 4 watts – ten kilos per watt – this results in and amplifier with uncommon speed and power providing new experiences in musical events.

An ecocline utilising the best of vintage and modern developments providing an amplifier which is a portal into musical events and experiences. Performances are delivered with an authenticity which transends convention. 

Technical details

Power: 4 watts into 8 ohms

Distortion: THD 0.03% driven by H2.

4 inputs

2 Chassis



Price: 27,500 € (ex VAT)