About Azzolina Audio

Azzolina Audio developed out of the desire for lifelike music. Vintage and new technologies overlap to provide performance beyond the conventional. Our design criteria include natural motion, efficiency, natural materials, architectural and harmonic proportion to present music – as a human expression – which it is.
Sound reproduction can be more than science and can also include the humanity which inspires the music itself. We are a small company, working with our hands, minds, computers and friends to share what we have found in wood, paper, magnetic metals and music. We have dedicated our lives to this at Azzolina Audio – for all those who have devoted their lives to the creation and performance of music – as well as those who listen to it.
“Balfa challenged us to ‘preserve the very life of the tradition’, cautioning that we not try to preserve artifacts, but rather, the process that produces the music and its makers.”

Azzolina Audio is for those who hear this difference.

Our Team



I began study of music perfomance at the age of six and the reproduction of music at the age of fourteen. As a boy and teenager I was discouraged from utilising my talents in music and literature as a means of support. Rather I was encouraged to incorporate these in enhancing the appreciation of life. Classical Studies later were put in the same light. Although there was a longing to pursue these more beautiful activities full time I chose aviation as a means of support which would allow the time to pursue and not interfere with these. I learned much as a pilot of aeroplanes and helicopters and flying is fun.
I am now fifty six. With this perspective I see it as a error not to pursue that which is most attractive. Life is short. It is prudent to temper this with a longer view – that what is most attractive is only most attractive if it remains attractive over time. Music and literature have been this for me I have dedicated my life and my intention to the creation and preservation of human expression. It runs through generations as a thread which connects us and what we have learned.


Designer and Product Developer

After 15 years of constant travel it was time settle down. Serendipity brought us to France which is now home.
As an architect I never connected with the sterile appeal of the obvious. The must do conventions bore me with their drabness. My attention goes to what is moving, to what makes a difference – what is intelligent and tasteful.
I cannot remember the first time I saw the big loudspeakers at Chuck’s place but I will never forget the first time I heard them. The emotion, space, and detail was alive coming out of those big horns. I was hooked. We were just beginning to date then and I was shy to start dancing but I thought about it.
The sound created a desire to experience more music.
From passion to business took time and a lot of work – to turn the desire into reality. We have met some exceptional people and experienced beautiful music.
I bring my experience in architecture and passion for design but also in my mind I am a great backing vocalist and dancer.
Hope you enjoy our website and hope that you can experience the quality of our music reproduction.