noun, plural mo·jos, mo·joes.

1. the art or practice of casting magic spells; magic; voodoo.
2. an object, as an amulet or charm, that is believed to carry a magic spell.
3. high efficiency, high fidelity loud speaker.


  • Devine proportion cabinet curvature (balance and distribute energy) 
  • Rigid one piece cabinet (stabilize resonance)
  • Anechoic interior contouring (minimize and disperse reflections)
  • Low loss, high efficiency drivers (rapid and faithful response)
  • Riva styled nautical build (Desirable appearance for the home environment)


The Mojo loudspeaker is a uniquely comprehensive loudspeaker design and construction.

The constantly changing, complex curve, of divine proportion, not only provides an attractive exterior. Form follows function dictates that this is the result of a shape developed specifically for acoustic harmonics and balance of the interior chamber.

The interior chambers surface also has a role to play with anechoic sculptures of wooden material. This provides a non-reflective environment without the loss and smearing of dampening material.

Nautical construction provides great strength and rigidity of a low resonance nature. The well braced structure provides the drivers with a solid and stable platform to perform the dynamic work.

The drivers themselves are efficient and utilise materials which the ear finds natural. The finest paper and even beryllium are the wave propagating surfaces. A selection of magnet materials are available: ceramic, alnico and field coil.

Azzolina Audio: where lasting beauty arises out of lasting performance.

People sometimes ask the elements incorporated in one of my loudspeakers, and although I am happy to tell them, this can be misleading or distracting. It is like asking a chef what kind of pepper he uses. The secret is not in the kind of pepper, the secret is in the time and attention of selecting elements with intuition and then the work of balancing and proportioning them together. If the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts then it is a failure. As a result – the secret of success lies not in the sum of parts… it is, by definition, something else…

Mojo – a thoroughbred triode loudspeaker.


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All models share a similar musical presentation with increasing detail and tonal resolution in Models Two and Three.

The efficiency of the Mojo begins at 98db for the Model One and increase one to two db depending on magnet type and settings.

Model ONE

This loudspeaker has been designed and constructed with shape tuning and anechoic surfaces. CNC milled, hand laid wooden chassis.
High efficiency, paper cone, textile surround driver.
Purpose designed for triodes and high fidelity performance.

Model TWO

Alnico magnets with uprated compression driver diaphragm material and crossover components as well as bronze, wood or cork horn material


Field Coil electromagnets with uprated compression driver diaphragm material and crossover components as well as bronze, wood or cork horn material


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